How to Find and Remove a Dead Rodent

Getting a dead rodent in your attic, roof, yard, and other parts of your can be really disturbing. The smell of the rotten animal in your home can make everyone around not to feel relaxed and comfortable. One of the things that normally result to having dead rodent in a hidden corner of a house is usually poisons. You may not be the one that poisoned the animal, but what if your neighbor has decided to poison the animal so as to solve his infestation problem and the animal enter into your attic and die there? Finding the dead animal is one thing and knowing how to remove the carcass is another. You will get the information you need to handle the both issues through the content of this post.

Stand Still To Find the Direction of the Wind Blowing the Smell
To find dead rodent around in your home or property, you should make use of your sense of smell. Your nose will become one of the most important organs you will need to use when you want to search around to find the dead animal. So, you should come at the center of your home and stand still to locate the direction of the wind blowing the smell across. That will give you hint on the direction to move while searching for the dead animal.

Smell towards the Attic to Know Whether the Animal Is Inside There
Perceive around your and house and move towards the attic to know whether the animal is inside there. If you find the animal in the attic, you have solved the number one problem and you need to handle the second issue which is removing the dead rodent.

Wear Rubber Glove and Nose Mask While Trying To Handle Dead Rodent
Now, you need to protect yourself property ensuring that you cover your hands with rubber glove, your nose with nose mask and others. The reason for protection is to avoid bacterial infections that can be contacted from handling dead animal.

Put the Dead Rodent into Nylon Heady Duty Bad and Dispose Properly
If you succeed in finding the dead rodent, you should transfer it to nylon heavy duty bag and take it to enclosed dumpster or just ensure that you dispose it properly to ensure that your neighbors do not have to continue suffering same discomfort with the bad odor coming from the dead rodent.

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