How to Kill a Rat

Killing a rat is often the last resort to address an infestation. This happens when home and natural repellents have failed to work. However, it is important to note that killing rats is not allowed in many places, especially when it is done through an inhumane process.

There are several ways to kill a rat. These include lethal trap, poisoning, shooting, and sometimes drowning. For more detailed information, read info about how to kill rats here.

Lethal traps for rats
Lethal traps involve killing the rat once it gets inside the trap. This is done by using or installing sharp objects like nails and broken glasses in the trap. To use this method, you can attach nails on the piece of wood that is used in snap traps. Once the rat steps into the trap, the wire will snap, trapping the rat between wire, wood, and nails. This method makes sure that the rat won’t escape alive. A trapped and dead rat should be disposed of immediately before it rots inside the house.

Poisoning the rats
Another way to permanently eliminate rats is to poison them. There are a number of rat poisons that you can buy from hardware stores. These chemical based poisons are quiet strong. They are usually mixed with rat foods such as rice, corn, and other leftover foods.

Make sure to read and understand the instructions on the cover clearly before poisoning a rat. Also, keep it in a place where your pets and children cannot reach it. It is also important to note that poisoning rats can cause further problems. Once a rat is poisoned, they go to darker and more isolated places like ceilings, attics, gutters and other parts of the house. Some of them are trapped between walls. This will cause you further and bigger problems. If the rat dies in one of those places, it will be difficult for you to locate them. As a result, the whole house will smell like a rotting rat.

Shooting a rat
Shooting a rat requires precision. They move fast, and if you are not a shooter, it will just be a mess of miss shoots all over the place. In addition, killing a rat by shooting can also cause further problems. Shooting has a very intensive force, which will cause the dead rat’s flesh and blood to scatter all over the place.

Live trapping a rat
This is the best, quickest and most efficient solution that you can use to isolate and keep rats away. You can ask the local community animal control company to take the trapped rats away.

Preventing infestation
Prevent the situation from happening in the first place. Keep your house clean at all times. This includes your kitchen, backyard, porch, attics, cabinets and cupboards. Rats love dirty places, and if it sees your place as an ideal place to look for food and live, it will be hard to repel them. Disposing of the trash regularly will also help you prevent the problem before it happens. Trash bins are inviting for rats because of leftover foods they can find in there.

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