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How to Get Nuisance animals out of the Attic - Nuisance animals are some of the most common human-wildlife conflicts. They are arboreal as they like to make trees their primary habitats. In essence, nuisance animals build their nests using twigs and leave high up on trees. However, these animals are highly adaptable as they can thrive in urban and suburban environments as well. As such, they are very opportunistic animals, and many have found that the attic is a suitable habitat for them. In the attic, they can cause considerable damage in your home especially in inaccessible places which translate into costly and lengthy repairs. Therefore, it is imperative to eliminate them at the very first sight to prevent further destruction. There are several ways of eliminating these nuisance animals from the attic. Most importantly, the first step is to identify their point of entrance into your home. Notably, there are many routes used by nuisance animals to access the attic and so identifying the major routes will help to seal the entrances used by those animals.